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Zel Iscel

Hi Tom,


If you’re using the latest version of Jaws, sometimes I find it easier to do an OCR scan of the PDF file, and that allows me to read it much more comfortably. If it’s a big file, you have to wait 30 seconds or so but it’s worth it.


To do the OCR scan:


  1. Press Jaws key with space
  2. Press the letter ‘o’
  3. Press the letter ‘d’ (not similtaniously).


The scanning will begin and Jaws should make a clicking noise while it’s scanning.


Hope that helps.




From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Behler
Sent: Friday, 17 January 2020 9:33 PM
To: jfw list <>
Subject: Adobe Acrobat DC Question


Hello, everyone.


I am trying to read a multi-page PDF attachment I just received, but I can’t get Adobe Acrobat DC to advance beyond the first page.


Is there a setting I need to change to make this happen?


I used to be able to read multi-page documents with no problem, and wonder if something got changed in an update.


Thank you!


Tom Behler



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