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Michael Munn

I’m a Jaws user because it's a screen reader that my school provide me and it's also my favorite screen reader of choice. would also suggest NVDA if you want open source screen reader beside Narrator. I The commands like other users has stated, it similar to Jaws. 

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NVDA as well.

I find, contrary to many beliefs, that having a quote on quote arsenal of screen readers is very useful in my daily life, just as the ability to work with multiple web browsers is too.

As previously stated, many of the core functions of NVDA are similar to Jaws – one thing to keep in mind is how NVDA’s screen review works vs. object navigation versus the Jaws cursor and touch cursor.



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Definitely N V D A. Just study the key commands, of which some are same as JAWS and some not; very easy.




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Hello list members:


Since retiring I have been involved in a number of volunteer activities. Recently I had a conversation with a local agency who is looking for a volunteer to assist clients in completing an online registration form as part of an interview process regarding potential receipt of specific services.

I understand that I cannot legally use one of my additional Jaws licenses because I have the Home version. Truth to tell, other than JAWS, I have never really worked with any other screen reader programs. Some years ago, Idid a cursory  review of NVDA. I understand that Narrator has improved in some measurable ways. I know that there are other programs out there.

For purposes of this opportunity, where I would need to load a screen reading program onto a laptop in order to conduct the interviews, I am looking for any recommendations of open-source screen Reader programs.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Best,  Justin  

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