moderated Recommendation: Open source screenreader program

Justin Mcdevitt

Hello list members:


Since retiring I have been involved in a number of volunteer activities. Recently I had a conversation with a local agency who is looking for a volunteer to assist clients in completing an online registration form as part of an interview process regarding potential receipt of specific services.

I understand that I cannot legally use one of my additional Jaws licenses because I have the Home version. Truth to tell, other than JAWS, I have never really worked with any other screenreader programs. Some years ago, Idid a cursory  review of NVDA. I understand that Narrator has improved in some measurable ways. I know that there are other programs out there.

For purposes of this opportunity, where I would need to load a screenreading program onto a laptop in order to conduct the interviews, I am looking for any recommendations of open-source screen Reader programs.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Best,  Justin  

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