moderated realtech audio and cortana

Marvin Hunkin

Hi. Since the January 2020 update for windows 10 1909, had to install a new retech audio driver. Cortana works for a while, then says I cannot hear you. And use a assus vivo book x 540 ua laptop solid state drive. And was using a couple of programs on January 1, vagrant and virtual box and totally messed up my os. And had to get a sighted it friend, to then do a recovery windows disk from my moms Lenovo laptop on a usb stic. That’s all went well, cortana, working, but now when I had to install the audio update. For real tech, cortana works for a few hours, then once I pull the lid from the laptop. It stopsworking and asays I cannot hear you, tab to make sure cortana can hear. So try to set up my mike, an internal and on the left side of my laptop, and the mike is not set up. This is so stupid and frustrating. Don’t want to uinstall the January 2020 update or roll back, and then have to then install software and programming projects. Definitely don’t want to do a reset of my pc. Happy with my set up and got programming projects, windows setup and will be create installer packages for my web, windows store, windows 8 programming projects. Doing a networking course from certificate iv ica40418 certificate iv networking. Learning about windows 10.

This is so stupid. Might then post the issues on the realtech audio forums or maybe contact realtech, if they are in Australia.

This is so stupid. Never had this issue before. Driving me nuts.

And got all the latest windows 10 updates and did turn off audio enhancements. Not sure what that does. Got dolby stereo.

So, I can get to the cortana search and use bing and that’s accessible with the latest jaws 2020 and nvda 2019.2.1 I have. This is so stupid.

What do you recommend or think.



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