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See if the notes below help:

From: Tim Ford
There is a very handy JAWS method to more easily accomplish the task of reading comments imbedded in a Word document.

When in the document, hold down the Windows key, and press the, semicolon key. That brings up a nice and clean JAWS box in which you can arrow to and
press enter on any of the four options, comments, footnotes, endnotes, or revisions. Pressing enter on comments will give you what you want, a nice clean
box in which the author of the note is shown, and the full text of the comment is displayed, and you can easily read the text with the usual arrow reading
commands. (You can copy and paste any of that material, which is what I would do to put together a document back to the commenter, as opposed to trying
to enter your own comments directly into the base Word document.)

For each comment, there is a link you can press, and that takes you to that part of the document.

The above works the same for the four categories, comments, footnotes, endnotes, revisions.

The above works for me, and I cannot imagine an easier system for use with JAWS. Good luck.
Tim Ford

The impossible is the untried, Never under estimate the power of a dream.

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Subject: 2 Issues while using JAWS in Word

Hi, All,

I use Word 16, through office 365, and JAWS 2019. Have also tried
2020, and the following 2 issues persist. They are:

First, The option to edit, delete and reply to a comment with shift+f
10, or the applications key, has now gone. Even if you are at the spot
where JAWS says 'comment', pressing these keystrokes does not allow
you to interact with the comments at all.

Second, when there are footnotes in the documents, instead of reading
out their number, JAWS sometimes says 'superscript'. I know for a fact
that it is a footnote and not a superscript, but JAWS does not say so.



Rahul Bajaj
Candidate for the MPhil in Law
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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