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Well, that is truly the first time I heard that disabling fast startup has these effects, many tech savvy people are quite agreed upon the fact that if there are issues it may be fast startup which causes them.

I prefer to have my computers boot from scratch and to “truly” shut down when I shut them down, also I like to hear the Windows Startup sound when I turn on my PC and you won’t hear it if fast startup is enabled or at least you hear it very inconsistently. Furthermore, all my computers have solid state drives and with fast startup they boot maybe 2 or 3 seconds faster so the time-saving reason of fast startup is pretty irrelevant for me.

Here is a good article which is pretty neutral as to the Pros and Cons:


How to disable Windows 10 fast startup (and why you'd want to)



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It made the start up issue for Jaws even worse and then Jaws would respond sluggishly for quite a bit. Turning off fast start up can affect many programs.

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How did it make things worse? That is one I never heard before.



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Yes, I got the same answer turn off fast start up. That made no difference and in fact made things worse. I turned it back on

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Hi Joe!


Well, I have turned off “fast startup” but that has not fixed it.  This was suggested by FS.





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Hi Richard,

I have this problem as well running Jaws 2020 and Windows 10 Pro the in the latest version of the operating system.  I had been using only Jaws at start but when I use Zoom Text  as well Jaws started  after signing in.  This makes me think there is a problem at start up and the additional time required to start Zoom Text or Fusion allows for Jaws to start up properly. 


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Subject: JAWS won't start after sign-in




I am using JAWS 2019 under Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, all updated.  After signing-in, JAWS does not start.  My laptop has two user accounts: Admin and Visitor.  Both are password protected.  I have set JAWS to always start at the logon screen (a.k.a., sign-in screen), and it does.  But, after sign-in JAWS does not start.  This is despite having both the Admin and Visitor accounts set to “always” start after login.


I have fiddled with this a lot but I cannot get it to work.  “Fast startup” is off.  I have tried many different settings under the JAWS Options > Basics > Automatically Start JAWS Settings screen, but nothing works.


Does anyone else have this problem?  Has anyone solved this?




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