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alex and i would like to be mods
Angela Mary McTigue

From: James Homuth <>
Sent: Thursday, 9 February 2012, 22:03
Subject: Admin: List's current status.


I'll start off this message with an appology. Things have been a little more
than slightly crazy over here in the non-interner world, and that's kept me
off the internet at large for a bit. Unfortunately, our other moderator took
this time to be equally inactive, which left you folks to fend for
yourselves. Ordinarily that's not a bad thing, but we appear to have a few
people who seem to have forgotten what this list is here for. I have,
however, returned to active status and will be bringing in at least one
moderator more in the very near future. As for right now, it's time to get
the list back on track, and off the anything goes policy you folks seem to
have decided is appropriate for the list. If it's not related to JAWS for
Windows, you will be warned. Once. Then you will be moderated. If it
continues, you will be removed. Let's sort this mess out, soonishly please.
In the meantime, keep your eyes pealed--the new moderator will be brought in
to help out here sometime this week.

List Admin
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