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I use the Download Sound extension which can either play a sound when
the saving of a file has finished or use the TTS in Windows to announce
when the file has finished being saved. this lets you continue using
your computer while doing other things.

there's one called Sound Effects that adds sounds to events such as when
a link opens up in a tab or if it opens in a new window, and other
helpful sounds. the sounds can only be enabled (checked) or disabled
(unchecked), but there's one sound that needs to be enabled so the
others will play.

the All Clear Downloads for Chrome extension has an option to disable
the download status shelf so the progress of the saving of a download
will not be constantly announced by your screen reader while you use the
computer for something else like reading an article or researching.

uBlock origin and uBlock Origin Extra helps to block undesireable ads.

I don't go crazy with extensions, but others may have other suggestions
that might be intriguing.

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From: David Kingsbury [mailto:davidkingsbury77@...]
Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 9:25 AM
Subject: Google Chrome Extensions
Hi all,

I am trying to familiarize myself with using extensions in Chrome.
Frankly, I am surprised at how few useful extensions seem to be out
there. Do any of you have extensions that you use regularly that are
accessible with JAWS? Please let me know.



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