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Rayn Darren

Thanks for the feedback.

On 1/27/2020 7:17 PM, JM Casey wrote:
The Focus 40 has the keys etc, too.

I mean, hell, if you have access to an 80 cell display and enough room on your desk….why wouldn’t you get one?

I have recently acquried both a used Focus 40 and an old Brailliant 80 display; the 80 cell display makes my desk a bit cramped and it has power and dot issues, but were it not for those things, I’d probably use it. I think especially for programmers being able to look at a single, lengthy line of text input would be pretty beneficial.

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Subject: Re: Seeking feedback on 40 and 80 cell displays

The programmers I know use an 80 cell display so they don’t have to worry about the line length.

I know people who are happy with both the Humanware 80 and the Focus 80.

The Focus 5th generation 80 I think has some extra keys that can be programmed but I don’t know which ones or exactly how to do that

The Focus 80 also has the 8 braille input keys if that matters.

They are only about $200 difference in price.

Both are pushing close to $8,000.

If you have any local vendors that carry one or the other, you ought to request a demonstration.



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Subject: Seeking feedback on 40 and 80 cell displays

Greetings fellow Jaws users!

I'm a programmer and I'm in need of a new braille display. I currently have a Polaris and am unable to pair it to my computer due to technical issues with the unit. Therefore I'm in need of a new display, only a display this time as I don't make use of the other functions that come with a note-taking unit. To that end, I come to you fine people in hopes that someone will have some insight on displays.

I'm looking for feedback on 40 or 80 cell displays. I think perhaps the 80 cells will be too long for me, but since I need to read everything and every dot counts, 80 just might be what I need to be effective. I've pretty much narrowed it to the BI/Brailliant or Focus models, but if anyone uses something else I'd gladly consider it as well.

Thank you all in advance,


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