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Sending this to the list as well as you directly, but your message below did make it to the list just fine.

Keep in mind that not every question generates answers especially if it’s one where nobody knows the answer.


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Hey not sure my message will make it to the list...

I am wondering why anytime I send a question or something to this list it is not approved and never makes it to the list.

Hoping somebody sees this and can explain.




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  Yes, I had the same problem with JAWS 2019.  Both at log on and after getting to desktop.  In both instances I used the JAWS hot keys to force a start.  All my JAWS settings were correct and the Application file for JAWS was enabled on the start up menu. Freedom Scientific   said they were aware of some users having this issue.  I do not know if this occurs with 2020.  I took out my password at log on and after starting the computer JAWS starts all the time at my desktop.  So I don’t know if issue still exists with 2020 and I realize that most people need a log on password protected system.  I work from my home and so for me not necessary.

Mainly I want you to know that the issue is not just with you or your system.  I would report to Freedom and or Microsoft Disability Desk for any possible answers or trouble shoot.




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Subject: JAWS won't start after sign-in




I am using JAWS 2019 under Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, all updated.  After signing-in, JAWS does not start.  My laptop has two user accounts: Admin and Visitor.  Both are password protected.  I have set JAWS to always start at the logon screen (a.k.a., sign-in screen), and it does.  But, after sign-in JAWS does not start.  This is despite having both the Admin and Visitor accounts set to “always” start after login.


I have fiddled with this a lot but I cannot get it to work.  “Fast startup” is off.  I have tried many different settings under the JAWS Options > Basics > Automatically Start JAWS Settings screen, but nothing works.


Does anyone else have this problem?  Has anyone solved this?




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