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Richard and Juan,


I was under the impression that Juan was composing original material which is why I suggested using Microsoft Word to do so and then using Codex to convert it to ePub. I just did a quick search of ePub documents on my computer and when I opened the context menu on one of those files and arrowed to Codex to check what conversion options were possible, Word 2007 was one of the choices. That would create a docx file from an ePub one.




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Are they already in ePub format?


If so, I’m not sure.


Alan had suggested using Codex which can convert Word to ePub, but it may also be able to convert ePub to Word, then do your edits and convert it back.

Not sure if that would work, but might be worth a try.


Here is Alan’s message again:



I'd recommend you do your document editing and preparation with Microsoft Word and then use the excellent Codex program developed by James Scholes to convert it to ePub format. Codex can convert 18 different input formats including docx to 8 different output formats including ePub. You can read about it here:


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Subject: ebook editor


HI All,


I have to edit and prepare some epub ebooks.  Is there an accessible editor for this? Calibre isn’t that accessible.


Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.





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