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If you and your husband are sharing a physical computer with separate login accounts, your Dropbox account folders will be located in different places. Yours will be under your user name and his under his user name. Ultimately, any shared Dropbox folders shared by you or shared with you will be located under your Dropbox main folder with whatever name that shared folder has. Any files you load into that shared folder whether saved there with your computer or your mobile device will be available to anyone who has access to that shared folder. It is very powerful and what I found to be the easiest way into the iPhone's closed file system since most of the apps I use that require file access work with Dropbox.




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Interesting.  Is that also the case if say, my husband is using my computer and wants his own drop box account?  I have a lot to learn.  Maybe I need to go order Judy Dixon’s book on Dropbox. From National Braille Press. 




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You won't really be accessing two different Dropbox accounts. What should happen is that whoever is in charge of administering the folder being shared should invite you to share it too. It should then appear on your computer as a subfolder of your main Dropbox folder as well as a folder under your Dropbox app.


Good luck.


Alan Lemly 


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This question is for those who use multiple DropBox accounts.  I currently successfully use my personal Dropbox account on my Windows 10 computer with JAWS 2019 to move files between my laptop and iPhone.  I typically do this using Windows File Explorer, just as if drop box is any folder or drive on my laptop.  I’m now going to need to access another drop box account that someone has set up to share files for some committee work.   What should I expect that is different?  Can I access the files the same way I do now or will I have to use the Dropbox website?  Any other tips are appreciated, as I’m a bit nervous about being competent in the eyes of the other sighted committee members and of not messing up their files.






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