moderated Re: reclassing list views in jaws?

Cohn, Jonathan

That will all depend on the application. The JAWS reclassification tool will change a "window' object understanding from JAWS. Most Windows development environments these days do not represent every interface as a "sub-window" of the Top most window, but would instead use a object to represent that contro. In these cases, it has been my experience that window class tool does not have any effect. One can of course script JAWS to do just about anything, it is just a matter of determining if it is worthwhile to do this. If your application shows the list items as children of a single object or window and if that object is visible to either MSAA or UIA interfaces, then you can fairly easily do coding that can be expected to work even after the application has the next upgrade. If however you are looking at things by the location on the screen, then the slightest change to the program will probably break all your scripts. For example Anti-Virus systems are notoriously hard to script for because they don't want malicious software reconfiguring them and allowing their code to remain active.
In any case, give it a try. Changing classes is fairly easy and can also be easily backed out.  

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