moderated URL for JAWS full installation

Dave Durber

Hello everyone:

Yesterday, I installed Windows 10, version 19.09.

During the Windows 10 installation, I followed the prompts for Windows to connect to the Asus Wireless Dongle.

When I completed the installation of Windows 10, I ran the installation file for JAWS 2020. Not long after the installation process started, I received the message that JAWS could not download a particular file from its server. I was then informed that the installation process will be terminated.

Luckily, I had the installation for NVDA, which does not need to go on line to download files from its server, in order to complete the installlation.

I tested the internet connection, by going to several web sites and logged onto those sites with no problems. However, wenever I run I runn the JAWS 2020 installation file, I keep getting the same message.

Last year, someone on the list, posted the URL where one could download the full installation file for JAWS.

If that person or someone on the list, has the URL, will they please let me have it!

Thank you in advance.


Dave Durber

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