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This is way more than can be discussed with ease in an online forum.  But, yes, it can be done and the easiest way to do it is using a Microsoft Word Document Template with form fields which you protect after having created it such that the only alteration allowed is the filling in of those fields.

I find the legacy version of the form fields to be easier to work with and easier from an accessibility standpoint than the modern Active X versions, and unless they've been removed very, very recently, which is unlikely, they should still be available under Office 365.

I have several examples of such forms employing both text edit boxes and checkboxes that I'm happy to share with anyone who wants something to play with to see how they are put together.

It's very difficult to discuss this step-by-step in the abstract because there are a lot of steps, and skipping any one of them can give odd results, but it's not difficult.

If you'd like a copy of the forms I have, which were created for former blind clients of mine, please reply to me off-list using the Reply to Sender link at the end of this and every message.

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