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Rightly said by Jason, that you'll have to respond to the dialogue box that appears to save the password.
Also personally at times I face this challenge where even after the settings are Turned On to save the password but it still doesn't work, so let me share my personal work around for this. Mentioning it below and hope this helps.
1. Go to Chrome Settings and select "Autofill"
2. Under this there's an option - "Offer to save password"
3. Turn the - Offer to save password option OFF and then Turn it Back ON.

Now Below this you can also find the Saved Passwords that contains the list of all the websites whose passwords you have saved till date and below this you'll find "Never Saved". Also make sure the website whose password you want to save is not under Never Saved. 

After this simply close the Chrome browser once and open it up.

Hope this helps!


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I would highly recommend a proper password manager, I would not want my passwords remembered by my Browser, way to insecure.



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After you’ve entered the password and submitted it, there’s a dialogue to which you have to respond in order to save it. Try Shift+Tab from the top of the page, or Shift+F6 until you get ther.


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How do I get Google Chrome to prompt me about saving passwords?

I have autofill turned on and I pressed the button about passwords, but Google Chrome doesn’t retain my passwords.

Pastor Gil

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