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JM Casey

Yeah, not sure. It's a very useful command, but, it seems that sometimes when web content is dynamic (iE, changing/refreshing/moving regularly) it does not work. That's just my theory. I use this command all the time but I know on the main page for a local food/restaurant delivery service for instance, I cannot use this command to find a restaurant on the page, and that's just one example. Not sure there is a "fix" per se ... guess you could turn off automatic page refresh and see what happens, but then you may run into other problems with a site.

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I Use JAWS 2019 with Chrome. Sometimes, when you perform a find command [either with control+insert+f or with insert+f], JAWS immediately says that there are no matching results. This is even though I know for a fact that there are matching results on the page.
How can I fix this?

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