moderated Re: Edge now insists on asking if I want it to be the default browser


I think it’s just a message not an actual prompt. For now I made Edge my default browser again on my laptop at home, but I just switched it back to Google Chrome and opened a few websites including and your own and I didn’t hear it.

But I have heard it before and always just ignored it.

Considering how easy it is to choose a different browser as your default I find that I really only get used to Edge and discover any issues if I use it as my default every day.

I f I am on a website in Edge and I don’t like something I simply press Alt + D to go to the address bar, copy the URL, then open Chrome and paste it into the Chrome address bar.

I guess you could do the same with Firefox, but as I said before, Firefox has always been my least Favorite browser.





From: <> On Behalf Of Richard Turner
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2020 7:31 AM
Subject: Edge now insists on asking if I want it to be the default browser


I am not quite ready to put all my eggs in the Edge basket.

After disabling UI Automation, each time I start Edge it asks if I want to make it my default browser.

I have Firefox set as default in Windows Settings.

If I click on a link in an Email or anywhere else, it launches Firefox.

How the h**l do I stop Edge from asking?

I have looked everywhere I can think of in settings and the prompt is not being read by Jaws or Narrator in any meaningful way.








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