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David Griffith

This does work for me but another way, provided you do not have virtual ribbons enabled the following works.
1. Select and copy text as normal.
2. Now press alt, followed by e followed by s and you will again be in the paste special dialogue.

This will include all the options for unformatted text etc.

Using Jaws 2020 on windows 10 19.09 and Office Word subscription version.

David Griffith

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When i do control x it says nothing. When i do control alt v, it also does nothing. Any ideas?

On 1/17/20, Jed Barton <> wrote:
is this pretty common? So do you start a document, or do you paste it
pretty much in the same document?

On 1/17/20, Tim Ford <> wrote:
Press control + A to select all text, control x to cut/remove, then
instead of the standard control + v to paste, press control + alt + v
for the special paste command. This last step will place you in a
vertical list box, arrow down to "Unformatted Unicode Text", which
for me is at the bottom. Press enter. Wait for a good 10-20
seconds, since larger files take a while to process. You will end up
with a very clean text-only format. Good luck!

Tim Ford

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Subject: microsoft word question

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well. OK, so i haven't used word in a while
but now i need to.
Someone sent me a .docs file.
So i opened it with no problem.
When i arrow down it keeps saying table this and that, keeps saying
table, row, column, and all that. What is the best way i can get to
reading the text in the file?



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