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On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 06:18 PM, Dean Martineau wrote:
Ctrl+Enter opens a link in a new tab, while ctrl+shift+enter opens the link in the foreground, with the original page now in a different tab.
Definitely true in all Chromium-based browsers and others (definitely Firefox).   That being said, this does not cause any link to open in a separate browser window, but just a different tab.  As you've noted, CTRL+SHIFT+Enter opens that tab and throws your focus to it at the same time (and it opens immediately to the right of whatever tab you're currently using) while CTRL+Enter opens the tab in the same position, but doesn't throw focus to it.

I haven't used separate windows when web browsing since the advent of Tabbed browsing.  I find it much easier to switch tabs than to ALT+TAB through multiple windows, many of which are not my web browser when doing so.

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