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Marianne Denning

It is probably in protected view. To get it out of protected view hit F6 and it will talk about being sure the document came from a trusted source. Tab one time and you should hear enable editing. Hit enter. If you want to keep the document go through the usual saving process.

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Press control + A to select all text, control x to cut/remove, then instead of the standard control + v to paste, press control + alt + v for the special paste command. This last step will place you in a vertical list box, arrow down to "Unformatted Unicode Text", which for me is at the bottom. Press enter. Wait for a good 10-20 seconds, since larger files take a while to process. You will end up with a very clean text-only format. Good luck!

Tim Ford

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well. OK, so i haven't used word in a while but now i need to.
Someone sent me a .docs file.
So i opened it with no problem.
When i arrow down it keeps saying table this and that, keeps saying table, row, column, and all that. What is the best way i can get to reading the text in the file?



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