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John Covici

There is an extension for Chrome and I assume it will work on Edge,
called tab to window, which will sort of do what you want, but you
will need to press alt-x in the current item, if its a tab it will
turn into a window. Also, if you type an URL in the address bar and
do shift-enter it will be in a separate window.

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Dean Martineau wrote:

A more permanent way to accomplish this is to go into Settings from the Edge menu. In my limited experience with this, it seems the best way to get to the On Startup settings is to search settings using the provided edit field, and type "start". Exit forms mode and hit H to navigate to the first heading, which is the On StartUp settings options. You have three radio buttons. The one I recommend is the third, allowing you to open a page or a set of pages. Once you select that radio button, you can put in a page you would like to have launched with Edge starts. That way, you will have only one page open until you choose to open others.


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If you ever only want a single web page to be open just go to the address bar with Al + D or F4 and type in the address where you want to go.
This will replace the currently open page with the new one.

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It seems that each time I open Edge each sites stays open, gotten to with control plus tab. I don't want that. I prefer one site, one window. Hope I'm being clear. How do I change this?


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