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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

Ctrl+Pgdn is the keystroke to advance to the next page. This is probably a larger document, and you have your accessibility settings to load only visible pages in large documents. I know people who recommend that this not be done, that the entire document be loaded, even though this can take a little longer. You can change the setting for the current document by hitting shift+Ctrl+5, and can change the default accessibility options in the accessibility submenu off the edit menu.




From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Behler
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2020 8:33 AM
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Subject: Adobe Acrobat DC Question


Hello, everyone.


I am trying to read a multi-page PDF attachment I just received, but I can’t get Adobe Acrobat DC to advance beyond the first page.


Is there a setting I need to change to make this happen?


I used to be able to read multi-page documents with no problem, and wonder if something got changed in an update.


Thank you!


Tom Behler



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