moderated Re: Pc cursor jump's all over the screen in Windows 10 settings screen

Chris Hill

Try the touch cursor and see if it works better.  It often does in those sorts of applications.  Frankly, I just don't worry about it, once I've told it to get updates I go do something else.  You're going to get the updates regardless.

On 1/16/2020 21:33, Michael Munn wrote:
Hi all,Hi all, I have a concern and I don't know if that can be resolved.
I recently bought a new laptop and when I finished my activation of the screen reader to this computer, I begin to experience this problem when I'm updating my computer. Every time when I press tab and focus the cursor to the first update, Jaws begin to jump off of it after announcing the first update out of 6 or 7 updates. To make it fair, I unloaded Jaws and loaded NVDA and NVDA seem's don't have this problem. 
Does this issue can be resolved? if so How to do it? 
Hope to hear from you'all.
Best regards 
Michael Munn 

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