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David Diamond

Oh, to have a perfect browser.  If I use edge with face book, instead of it reading “full story”  it reads m o r e o p t i o n s where as I E reads out full story.  Fire fox?  Different ways of getting to messages or notifications.  This is why I agree with the post below. 


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On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 01:43 PM, Tyler Wood wrote:

Becoming familiar with the web browser and its settings is essential these days since there are so many things to enable or disable. It's also good to have a few browsers at your disposal - for instance, Chrome, edge, and firefox - just in case a website doesn't play nice with one or the other.

It's been essential long before "these days."  Browsers have been vastly configurable for some time now.  What's really nice, though, is that many of them now have a search feature for their settings, not unlike Windows 10 does for system settings.  I generally find it a lot easier to locate what I want with a search, or several searches using different, but related, keywords than to brute force drill down through page after page or tab after tab of settings.  There has also been a tendency to move things around over time, so if you remember what setting it is you want to tweak it's much easier to locate with a search if it's been moved.

Any given tool, including screen readers, occasionally won't "play well" with some given thing when another tool of the same class will.  Having several options, even if you're not 100% fluent with the second and third ones, often makes the difference between success and failure for getting at certain information (and that includes for those of us who are not using screen readers, too).

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