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If Rumola still works with Chrome then you can use it with Edge as well since you can install extensions from the Chrome extension store in Edge.

Both Chrome and Edge use chromium as their engine, but I wouldn’t call it “another copy cat” just as I wouldn’t call a new model of a Ford car a copy cat to a new model of a GM or vice versa just because both use an internal combustion engine.

It comes down to personal preference, for example, Edge does have the Read Aloud feature which works very well and which you can sort of do in Chrome but only with one of a number of extensions.


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I really don't understand this infatuation with Edge.  If you want a captcha-solving extension, use Google Chrome instead, the original Chromium-based browser and download the Rumola extension for solving captchas:







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Does anyone know of a captcha solving extension that can be used with Edge? Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

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