moderated Re: The New Edge not that Great with JAWS Yet.

Maria Campbell

I need someone to do a tutorial.  I don't want market watch and all that junk, so I want to know how to get rid of it.

I don't think I like Edge, but then I'm old and don't like change.

Maria Campbell

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On 1/16/2020 11:29 AM, David Diamond wrote:
I must be missing something or late to the dance. I can't stand Edge with all of its prompts. "Opening ... closing ..." It drives me crazy. It is like someone telling you all the time, "starting street crossing, stopping street crossing, coming to ... leaving ..." I don't need or want all that information told to me. Just tell me you are opening the web page or dialog box.

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I disabled the UI autimations in the flags settings of Edge. It seems to be working a little better. I would also highly recommend that you turn off autofilling of your user names and passwords. Maybe it's a personal preference for me, but it seems to work better when this information is not be remembered by the browser.

On 1/16/20, Debbie April Yuille <debbiey1982@...> wrote:
Hi All

I've just installed the new edge from the Microsoft website and I'm
finding it not very accessible with JAWS. First of all when navigating
around pages you get it saying "Japanese" some of the time as well as the page content.
Also, the menu controls are not always read out. I'm using the latest
build of JAWS 2020.

Any input is much appreciated.



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