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I promise I will not post about this again, but since I've opened the proverbial "can of worms" and it's clear that many are interested, I thought I'd follow up with a dedicated topic.  I know that the main focus of the group is discussing JAWS.

The legislation that created the Real ID requirement is federal, so the documentation options really don't vary from state to state.  It appears that California has a Real ID document selection sequence of pages that do not require you to be logged in to any account here:

I started went through it and, at the end, it gives you the list of things you need to collect and bring with you based on what you indicated you had available when filling out the checklist.  The one and only discrepancy with the requirements that Virginia has is that Virginia will not accept a mobile phone bill, only a landline phone bill, for proof of residency.  California will accept a mobile phone bill indicating your home address.

I hope that folks who need to get a Real ID identification card will find this online checklist useful, even if they don't live in California.  If you can find one in your own state's DMV website, definitely use it instead.

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