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Robin Frost

Wow that’s interesting when last I checked Pennsylvania had a list but no interactive page such as you describe and I need to get that taken care of myself as my regular one is about to expire.
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From: Brian Vogel
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 5:14 PM
Subject: Re: Accessible English-Spanish translation program?
On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 01:44 PM, Cristóbal wrote:
I’ve been avoiding having to go to the DMV to get my Real ID.
Strangely enough, this transaction was the easy one.  Virginia (and I'd presume all states) has a special set of webpages at the DMV site to guide you through what you must bring in order to get a Real ID license/identification card.  Since the possible combinations can be head spinning, you can pick from "the menu" at each step and it then takes that into account when you go to the next item you might need.  At the end, it gives you the list of the items you've said you have that, taken as a collection, will qualify you for Real ID.  I took 'em along and it was no problem.

Now, getting the Virginia title for my car, which was purchased in Kentucky and is a rebuilt vehicle, required me to send all the paperwork including the Kentucky title and bill of sale to Richmond for processing.  They couldn't issue the title at the local DMV office.  And you can't get plates without a title so I will have another trip to the DMV office once I receive the title itself.

I'll try to take a look at that Chrome extension, about which I'd been unaware until this topic mentioned it.

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