Moderated Jaws 2018 Eloquence synthesizer stops working

Russell Solowoniuk

Hi all,

I'm working with a student who has a fairly new HP laptop running
Windows 10, not sure exactly what edition of Windows. He is running
Jaws 2018, and yesterday Jaws quit speaking. I wasn't there when this
happened, but talked to him on the phone afterward. We could not get
Jaws to speak, so I had him turn Narrator on, and we quickly
discovered that the issue seemed to be the Eloquence speech
synthesizer. We went into the Voice settings and changed the
synthesizer from Eloquence to SAPI 5, 64 bit, and Jaws immediately
began speaking. I had the student try to go back and change the
synthesizer back to Eloquence, but it doesn't seem to be available in
the list of synthesizers.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any ideas how to get the
Eloquence synthesizer back working?

Thanks all,


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