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Dave Durber

Chris and everyone:

Eric Damery is not blind. He is sighted.

Having said that, unlike so many sighted people who attempt to train visually impaired people to use JAWS, Eric knows as nuch, if not more about JAWS than anyone, plus, he can use JAWS without a monitor.

I have seen Eric, walk into a room where there are a number of peple using JAWS, assess what they are doing and, within a few seconds, even though there are no monitores turned on, he can tell which of them are having problems and what they are.

I have been at demonstrations of JAWS, where Eric has stood or sat along side or behind the monitor, and not been able to see what the monitor is displaying, yet, giving an excellent demonstration on how to use JAWS.

Several years ago, during a visit to the UK, I met someone there who is sighted and who claimed to be able to train visually impaired people to use JAWS. I asked them, if they could use JAWS in the same way that a person who has no sight at all or who has limited vision would have to do, that is without a monitor. When this person said that they could not, I said that, in my opinion, they were not qualified to teach JAWS to any visually impaired person, because they had not even made the attempt to try and use a computer without a monitor. I went on to say that they might be able to teach the commands but, unless they could use JAWS in the same way as a user of JAWS would have to do, they had no street credibility and, to use an American saying, "nice try, but no cigar". I pointed out that what they were doing was no different, than a person who had no sight at all and, with no experience, attempting to teach someone who had sight to drive a car.


Dave Durber

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Thanks Dave. Yeah, may as well go right to the top. :)

Just curious, is he blind and an actual user of the product? That always helps too.

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