moderated Re: ISO someone who writes Jaws scripts

Rayn Darren

HI Brian,

Thanks so much! He doesn't have the technical knowledge to do so and I don't have the time to learn at the moment, though I've run across quite a few clients who need this service and feel it very well may be worth it to carve out some time to do so.

Thanks again,


On 1/14/2020 5:16 AM, Brian K. Lingard wrote:
Dear Sarah & List:

JAWS claim to be end-user configurable, has the client considered writing his own scripts?

Will send you contact info for a friend who scripts JAWS privately I'm case he prefers someone else to write them.
Brian K. Lingard

From: <> On Behalf of Rain Darren
Sent: Thursday, January 9, 2020 5:05 PM
Subject: ISO someone who writes Jaws scripts

Hi all,

I have a client who's looking for a particular script to be written for Jaws, he has 2020. This script needs to announce the numbers as they change in a stock ticker. These are updated in real time. If anyone could help with info on this, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


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