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HH. Smith Jr.



For me, it is usually the control key or the Alt key. I usually hold down the offending key and tap escape a couple times and that usually does the trick. HTH


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Subject: Re: Keys Seemingly Stuck Down


I don't think it is windows, I've noticed  this off and on for years, it has something to do with the keyboard controller circuitry.  No need to restart, just pound on the offending keys, both left and right keys, if you have them a few times and it will fix itself.



On 1/13/2020 09:14, Richard B. McDonald wrote:

Hi Alison!


About your issue with keys seemingly being stuck down, I have seen this before as well.  Most often, it is either or both of the alt and windows keys.  I have never figured out how or why this happens.  For me, it is not a mechanical thing, like the keys physically being stuck down due to something like a crumb.  I think it has something to do with something like “sticky keys.”  I have a vague recollection that a certain combination of keystrokes in Windows causes keys to act like they are always pressed down.  I do not know what that combination is.  But, apparently one can trigger this without knowing or intending to do so.  For me, the problem goes away after a restart.





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Subject: Re: upgrading Jaws


The keys don’t actually get stuck down but behave as though they are. We have tried cleaning them.

I had a feeling that this was discussed before Christmas and I wasn’t alone with this issue where the computer behaves as though the alt key or windows key is still depressed.

I think I will take Ed’s advice and wait till the summer before upgrading Jaws and take advantage of Sight and Sound’s Summer Deal as it looks as if it will cost me around £350 to upgrade from Jaws 18 to the current version.




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Sent: 12 January 2020 17:26
Subject: Re: upgrading Jaws


First, the problem with the keys acting like they are jammed down may not be a Jaws issue, so no one should say one way or the other if that will solve your problem.

Maybe you could specify what you have tried already to resolve that issue.

The current version is Jaws 2020, so if you have just Jaws 18, you would need 2018, 2019 and 2020, but since you get a little better deal doing them in groups of two, you may want to do through 2021.

Or, you could go with the subscription model at $90 per year and jump right into the 2020 version.

You'll have to do the math to see which makes the most sense in your situation.






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On Jan 12, 2020, at 8:01 AM, CJ &AA MAY <chrisalismay@...> wrote:

I was given a free migration from Window-eyes to Jaws 18 but would now like to upgrade. I see the price varies dependent upon how many upgrades you want. How many would I need to have the current version? Would the current version get rid of this problem I am having with the alt and windows key appearing as jammed down?


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