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Rick Mladek

Hi Ann, maybe I need more coffee as well. I'm lost and I must admit... can
you give me the formulas and steps for columns D and E with the starting
line of information/numbers being row 14 with row 13 blank.

Thank you and I am sorry...


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Hi, Rick,

Assuming the following formula in E14:
E13 should have your beginning balance, which would be 0 (Excel assumes a
blank is 0).
D14 should have the first number you want to add to the beginning balance,
e.g. 10.
So. the number in e14 (e13+d14) should be 10.
Copying/pasting the formula into f15, it should read =e14+D15.
So. E14 is 10, as calculated above; +d15 which is the next number you are
adding, say 32. E15 should equal 42.
And it carries on down, incrementing as you go.

Make sense? Only one cup of coffee so far, so if it doesn't I will drink
more and try to explain it better.

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