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Rick Mladek

Richard, what is added is not important. I am adding numbers from one row, down the column, purely basic/simple...


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Perhaps you could give a little more detail about the structure of your spreadsheet.

What are you adding together to get the running total?





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Good morning Ann,

Looking over your directions, now that I am alert, I have a question...

Your first point:
=d14+e13.  This should display the number in d14.

What do you mean by it should display the number in d14? The cost/amount is
in the D column beginning on row 14. The running sum/total needs displayed
down the E column. Is this how it will appear with the directions given?

Thank you,


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The first instance of the formula would be in e14, right?

then.  With e13 blank, this would be the formula:
=d14+e13.  This should display the number in d14.

To propagate the formula down the page:

So.  Copy the formula in e14.
Then Ctrl+g (go to).
Type in the cells you want to hold the formula (e15:e100) and enter.
The cells will be selected.
Paste the formula ctrl+v.
that should do it.

good luck!

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