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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

You can put the formula anywhere in column e that you want the total to be.
The formula should be =sum(d14:d100) 
Equals sum tells excel that you want to add numbers together.
open parenthesis d14 colon d100 close parenthesis tells it to add d14 through d100.

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On Jan 12, 2020, at 7:39 PM, Rick Mladek <hmladek@...> wrote:

Hi all,


I am on an EXCEL spreadsheet, putting together a list of deductions for upcoming tax season.


Can anyone please explain how I add a formula to add up costs of items as a running total.


The costs are in column D and I am wanting the running balance in column E. Where do I put this formula and pardon my extreme ignorance here, what formula would I put in? The sum of these costs as they go down the column.


The costs start on row 14 column D and I would like this to go down the entire column, lets say to row 100 to be safe. Can someone please tell me the formula to put in and where this is embedded?


Thank you,


I am using Windows 10, Jaws 2019.1912.1 and Office 2019.


Thanks for your help,




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