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In what way does it work better than Chrome itself? I have used both Edge Dev and Edge Beta extensively and have the full version which replaces the old Windows 10 Edge on my laptop, but for the most part still prefer Chrome.

Anyhow, maybe no need to get into the Beta now, it is my understanding that it will only be a couple more weeks before Edge is officially released via a Windows 10 Update.


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I want you guys to know that the Chromium version of MS Edge, the beta version, works great with JAWS!

If you have not installed it and tried it, I strongly recommend that you do!

It will be your favorite next to IE 11.

It works better with JAWS than Chrome itself!

NVDA and Narrator work really well with the New Chromium version of Edge beta as well!

You will be surprised how well Narrator works with the new Edge!

David Moore


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Have you tried the new Chromium-based version of Edge (not yet available as a release, but available as beta software from Microsoft)?


Download site:


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Subject: JAWS and Edge


Has anyone noticed that JAWS does not ativate links and buttons on some pages? I have had to use JAWS plus F7 to get the links to respond.


Any ideas?


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