Re: Sorry, it should have been "installing Old versions of JAWS"

Adrian Spratt

This question has come up before, and the answer isn't simple. If I remember
correctly, the recommendation is that you uninstall your existing versions,
install the prior one, then reinstall the new versions. Presumably when
uninstalling, you'd need to agree to delete shared files. In that case,
among other things, you'd lose your settings. So yes, it has great potential
to be a hassle.

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Subject: Sorry, it should have been "installing Old versions of JAWS"

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I was just curious to know if it's possible to install an older version of
JAWS onto your computer or if the newer version would block the
installation. I have V11 and V13 already on my hard drive, but would like
to install V9 if it's not going to be a hassle. Thanks for any help you
can provide.
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