moderated Re: Any way I can disable this audio issue?


You will need to turn off power management for the sound device

For some reason this may be easily said than done since the removal of the power management tab for most device properties

But if you cant turn it off through your device properties try going through control panel > audio manager

And hopefully you can turn off power management through that applet


Good luck



From: Michael Munn
Sent: 08 January 2020 22:08
Subject: Any way I can disable this audio issue?


Hi all, I recently purchased a new computer and I love it. One thing that is in my I'm an intermediate Jaws user and I love some audio feed back while I'm using Jaws.One thing that the new laptop get on my   nerve is the sound system shuts off automatically when not in use for a long time. I want to know is there a way for me to disable this settings.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards 

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