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I am not sure why Jaws should have a Windows shut-down event sound.

Enabling the Windows shut-down sound is certainly possible, I used the method Brian Vogel posted on the Windows 10 list before and I pasted the steps below.

Note that your issue may simply be the fact that you have fast startup enabled, the Windows shut-down sound will not work or at best work unreliably if fast startup is enabled.


Play Sound at Shutdown in Windows 10


Starting in Windows 8, the Windows Shutdown sound event has been disabled. This leaves you unable to change or play the Windows Shutdown sound when a user selects to shut down the PC in Windows 10. As a workaround, you can still create an elevated task to play a sound at shutdown Windows 10.

This tutorial will show you how to play a sound at shutdown for all users in Windows 10.

You must be signed in as an administrator to create an elevated task. Here's How:


1. Press the Win+R keys to open Run, type taskschd.msc into Run, and click/tap on OK to open Task Scheduler.

2. Click/tap on Task Scheduler Library in the left pane of Task Scheduler, and click/tap on Create Task in the right Actions pane.

3. In the General tab, type a name (ex: "Play shutdown sound") you want for this task.

4. In the General tab, select Run whether user is logged on or not.

5. In the General tab, check the Run with highest privileges box.

6. In the General tab, select Windows 10 in the Configure for drop down.

7. Click/tap on the Triggers tab, and click/tap on the New button.

8. Perform the actions below:

A) Select "On an event" in the Begin the task drop down.

B) Select "System" in the Log drop down.

C) Type "1074" (user initiated shutdown) in the Event ID drop down, and click/tap on OK.

9. Click/tap on the Actions tab, and click/tap on the New button.

10. Perform the actions below:

A) Select Start a program in the Action drop down.

B) Type "PowerShell" in the Program/script field box.

C) Enter the command below into the Add arguments field box, and click/tap on OK.

-c (New-Object Media.SoundPlayer 'C:\Windows\Media\Windows Shutdown.wav').PlaySync();

Note: If you wanted to play a sound (.wav file) of your choice instead, you can substitute C:\Windows\Media\Windows Shutdown.wav in the command above with the full path of the .wav file you want to be played.

11. Click/tap on the Conditions tab, uncheck the "Start the task only if the computer is on AC power" and click/tap on OK.

12. You will be prompted to enter your account's password, do so and click/tap on OK.

The "Play Shutdown Sound" task is now finished, and will now play a sound when the PC is shutdown.


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I suggest you bring this idea directly to Eric Damery's attention.  You could contact Vispero to get his email address.





On 1/8/2020 10:35 AM, Peter Tesar wrote:



Probably the easiest change would be to get Jaws to add a closing sound like NVDA has.

At least it would give some indication that the shutdown was in progress.


Perhaps Jaws could wait to shutdown itself after a dialogue box is on screen warning that shutting down might cause you to loos data in the program still open.


Peter T.


On 1/8/2020 6:38 AM, Gerald Levy via Groups.Io wrote:

Unfortunately, there is no shutdown sound in Windows 10.  Hacking the registry to produce logoff or shutdown sounds is a bad idea, no matter what the other "experts" on this list may tell you to the contrary.  The bottom line is that hacking the registry can often produce unwanted or unpredictable results.  If you want to be sure that your computer has completely powered off after you initiate a shutdown, I suggest purchasing a small USB-powered cooling fan and connecting it to a front or rear panel USB port. When the computer powers off, the fan will stop spinning.  Simple as that.


On 1/8/2020 1:40 AM, Shankar C wrote:

Hi bill, hope things are well at you.
I am using windows 10 1903 with jaws 2020 on my dell laptop.
I have downloaded the Shutdown-Logoff-Logon-Sound-Hacks folder and
extracted, and added them in the windows Registry.
and on the sound events, I also checked the check box which says play sounds.
now, I can able to eare only logon sounds.
I am unable to eare the sounds for other events such as logoff,
shutdown, and restart.

I kindly request you to help me on this.

On 8/3/18, Robert Wright <wrightsiphone@...> wrote:

I was able to get windows log on and off to show in the registry but exit is
still not showing.

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you!                                ***

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Thanks Bill.


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Yes, it works.

“System Exit” is the event associated with shutdown.

“Windows logoff” is associated with signing off to log on as a different

Bill White

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Hi Bill,
I downloaded the  file containing the scripts you mentioned and unzipped it.
The unzip procedure creates three folders each containing 2 files.

What is the difference between “System Exit” and Windows logoff”?

Have you tried this technique and did it work?


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Hi. I tried to send this message to the JAWS list before, but it hasn't
shown up in the last 27 minutes, so I am sending it again, in hopes that it
get through this time.

In case someone cannot find this page on Ehow, I am including the link below
that will download the zip file containing the registry edit scripts that
will return the logon, logoff and system exit events back to the Sound
settings without having to manually edit the registry.

Bill White


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