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Les Kriegler


Because of the significant delays in release, even though ViSpero says it will be out any day, it raises questions as to what the issues are with the delay.


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The El Braille 40 5 Generation is a very well made piece. I I have the opportunity to play with it during NFB Convention last year in Las Vegas NV and the size is a little big. That is the cons of the unit. The Pro of the El Braille 40 5th generation is that you can get a braille display along with 2 activation of Jaws. Unlike ElBraille 40 4th Generation, the El Braille display 5th generation is detachable from the docking Station. A user can take the Braille display with them.
Overall, This is a device that worth buying.
It is a little expensive though.
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I currently have a Braillenote touch+ from HumanWare.
However, due to battery and other issues, I had to send it in for repair.
If they can’t fix it, I’m considering purchasing an ElBraille 40.

Does anyone on here have experience with these devices?
I tired to connect my braillenote to my computer for use with jaws, but it failed.



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