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Kelly Pierce

You do not need a built-in optical drive on a laptop. Just plug it in.
similar to a keyboard.

I recommend an i7 computer to compensate for the slight drag on
performance JAWS has on computers. Generally, people are pleased with
super duper speedy computers rather than mediocre ones.


On 1/7/20, Chris Hill <> wrote:
It could be that the websites you use just don't work all that well on a

 for what I do mobile, searching for information, and reading a few
select websites, my iphone does it all. Many big websites also have
apps, and for things like CNBC and Bloomberg, the apps are more
accessible than using the websites even on a pc.

If I really want to dig into something, I prefer a real keyboard, and
most laptops don't do it for me without an external keyboard. I am
currently using a gaming desktop.  It is complete overkill, but when I
switched from my old desktop with a 4th- gen i5 to this Ryzen 7 3700, I
definitely noticed the difference.  Everything just responded faster.
You can keep an older system going a long time by putting an ssd in it,
and I'd recommend that before replacing a perfectly functioning computer
made within the last 6-7 years, but once things get weird, you can't
beat getting something powerful that you won't have to worry about
hopefully for a long time.

On 1/7/2020 14:17, Jim Rawls wrote:

I agree with you on all points here. I am not a fan of my IPhone, and
always like surfing on my current laptop. I am not a good user of the
IPhone. I prefer a windows computer over anything apple has to offer.
That’s just me, and if someone likes their mac better, good for them.
I’m going out this afternoon to see what I see. Jim

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In all fairness, when was the last time you actually bought anything
on a disk? I have blank dvds from 7 years ago that still haven’t been
used up. Unless you watch movies – and in that case, a portable USB
dvd drive would be perfect, and cost $10. That way, when you don’t
actually use it, you’re not carrying that extra half a pound to a
pound constantly.

Phones can’t do everything – if I had to use my phone every day I’d be
missing out on tons. Browsing the web on an iPhone is horrifically
inefficient – having to use the rotor to find the item I want to jump
by, then actually trying to jump by that item, is done so much quicker
on any modern laptop or desktop computer with a single keypress. Don’t
get me started on apples horrible audio streams and how audio can get
interrupted by the smallest thing in 2020 or how multiple audio
streams still can’t be a thing. My Lenovo, luckily, still has an
applications key, but I’ve noticed more and more that certain things
like websites are requiring simulated clicks of the mouse (good luck
performing that on any mobile device, too). I really like the layout
of the function keys on this machine too – I hate this new design
where they are all laid out together with no spacing to separate the
various groups.

I don’t think there are any less USB ports on computers than there
were 4 years ago – unless you get one with all USB C ports. Mine still
has 2 USB A ports along with 2 USB C. I have a USB hub which I keep
hard drives and things plugged into, but it’s just a 3 port one and is
not externally powered and I rarely use all 3 ports. My Toshiba from
2013 had 3 USB A ports with only one being 3.0 and it is still going
today. Despite what many people claim, older machines with solid state
drives are still perfectly useable – this has a 3^rd generation core
i5 that still speedily does everything one could ask in an office
environment, so the huge core i7’s are certainly not going to get you
any further ahead. In ultra low voltage scenarios, they’re only at
most 10% faster than their i5 counterparts. The core i9’s that are
coming out now are, in some cases, slower than the i7’s they’re meant
to beat. Intel is really dropping the ball the last year.

Still, when crunch time comes, I’ll take a computer over a phone any
day of the week, any time. A phone is nice to quickly, forgive the
wording, but glance at – but when I want to get work done, a computer
is hard to beat.

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*Subject:* Re: It's new computer time and I am looking for advice.

I used to use a laptop a lot, but with the advent of an iphone, the
portability isn't of much use to me anymore.  I take mine on vacation,
and that's about it.  Having fewer usb ports on a laptop means each
one is going to end up getting more wear.  If one finds themselves
constantly plugging and unplugging multiple devices, a cheap hub may
be in order.  I think people have defaulted to the laptop as computer
scenario, even though phones have made moving a computer around
something that may be a lot less necessary than it used to  be.

Sad thing is that even some modern desktops don't come with things
like built-in dvd drives.  You really have to check the specs on
whatever you plan on buying.

Keyboards have become more and more of an issue.  Not only are things
like the application keys going away, but many desktop keyboards have
no key spacing and are horrible.  I bought one of the gaming
keyboards, it has all the keys, is supposedly spill proof, and was the
best $60 I have spent in a long time.

On 1/7/2020 09:35, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
A lot of people don’t ever take their laptop anywhere, but if you
do > or even just like to bring it to different places in your house
then > a laptop is probably a better choice. > > It’s no more
difficult or hard to plug an external keyboard whether > wired or
wireless into a laptop and if you use a Bluetooth one like > the
Logitech K780 then you don’t even have to plug it in, just > connect
it. > > The same goes for speakers, you can easily plug in external
speakers > or, once again, you could use a Bluetooth headset. > > I do
have a laptop at home because I do occasionally bring it to > trade
shows I attend or when I go on holidays for longer than a week, > but
at home it almost always sits in my office plugged in and I use a >
Logitech K780 and a Logitech H800 headset, both are Bluetooth and I >
can go most places in my house with them. > > If I didn’t want a
laptop from time to time I could easily have a > mini PC at home,
those are my preference at my business because they > are small,
virtually silent and they do all I need them to do. Of > course if you
want a higher performance one with an I7 CPU, 16Gb of > RAM and a
512Gb SSD they may cost a bit more. > > I used to have a few of the
Intel NUC mini PC’s, but a few years ago > bought two HP EliteDesk 800
G2, one with an I5 and one an I7 CPU, > both sixth generation, and by
now I only have 1 Intel NUC left, the > other 3 are all HP with the
latest being the EliteDesk 800G4 with an > 8^th generation I7 CPU and
it’s a great little PC. > > > > Best regards, > > Sieghard > > > >
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