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Tyler Wood

I have the Elbraille 14 and it is very well made. It is not the 40, but it is also detachable.

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The El Braille 40 5 Generation is a very well made piece. I I have the opportunity to play with it during NFB Convention last year in Las Vegas NV and the size is a little big. That is the cons of the unit. The Pro of the El Braille 40 5th generation is that you can get a braille display along with 2 activation of Jaws. Unlike ElBraille 40 4th Generation, the El Braille display 5th generation is detachable from the docking Station. A user can take the Braille display with them.
Overall, This is a device that worth buying.
It is a little expensive though.
On Jan 7, 2020, at 11:28 AM, Jessica D <jldail13@...> wrote:

I currently have a Braillenote touch+ from HumanWare.
However, due to battery and other issues, I had to send it in for repair.
If they can’t fix it, I’m considering purchasing an ElBraille 40.

Does anyone on here have experience with these devices?
I tired to connect my braillenote to my computer for use with jaws, but it failed.



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