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Tyler Wood

Very much this. I’d also recommend physically looking at laptop keyboard layouts if you can before buying. I refuse to buy a laptop if I don’t like the layout of its keyboard – having to plug in or connect an external keyboard when out and about especially seems extremely counter intuitive to me when I want portability. Where to put the laptop and where to put my full sized keyboard when I want to actually use it and only have my lap to place it on?

This is just me personally, though – do what works for you – but having a mini desktop computer and a laptop is a fantastic idea, especially if you can just unplug the things you want from the desktop, like headsets or keyboards, and take them with you, even if it’s to another part of the house, for use on the laptop.




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A lot of people don’t ever take their laptop anywhere, but if you do or even just like to bring it to different places in your house then a laptop is probably a better choice.

It’s no more difficult or hard to plug an external keyboard whether wired or wireless into a laptop and if you use a Bluetooth one like the Logitech K780 then you don’t even have to plug it in, just connect it.

The same goes for speakers, you can easily plug in external speakers or, once again, you could use a Bluetooth headset.

I do have a laptop at home because I do occasionally bring it to trade shows I attend or when I go on holidays for longer than a week, but at home it almost always sits in my office plugged in and I use a Logitech K780 and a Logitech H800 headset, both are Bluetooth and I can go most places in my house with them.

If I didn’t want a laptop from time to time I could easily have a mini PC at home, those are my preference at my business because they are small, virtually silent and they do all I need them to do. Of course if you want a higher performance one with an I7 CPU, 16Gb of RAM and a 512Gb SSD they may cost a bit more.

I used to have a few of the Intel NUC mini PC’s, but a few years ago bought two HP EliteDesk 800 G2, one with an I5 and one an I7 CPU, both sixth generation,  and by now I only have 1 Intel NUC left, the other 3 are all HP with the latest being the EliteDesk 800G4 with an 8th generation I7 CPU and it’s a great little PC.


Best regards,



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One thing you might not have considered is that many laptops no longer have a separate key for the applications (the thing sighted people think of as the right click menu).  Some have a key combination with the fn key and right control key to do the same thing.  Most laptop keyboards are awkward for anyone with other than small hands, and key separation ranges from okay to horrible.  I really suggest buying locally if at all possible, a laptop that may be fine for one person might annoy someone else.  If you can get by without portability, get a desktop, then you can plug in a real keyboard and good speakers more easily.



On 1/6/2020 21:40, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all,

It’s new computer time, and here is what I want on the computer.

1.       A numeric key pad with decent separation between it, and the rest of the keyboard.

2.       An optical disk drive.

3.       At least an intel core 5 processor,

4.       Head phone jack, and I guess these days it’s a combo jack with microphone.

5.       Decent battery life.

6.       And anything else you might recommend. And any thoughts will be appreciated.

7.       Jim


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