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Adrian Spratt



I notice that no one has responded to your post. My system is the same as yours except I’m using Outlook 2016, not 2013, and thunderbird. However, I am having the same problem. I don’t have a solution; only workarounds.


I get table announcements inconsistently. Sometimes a table-formatted message opens and reads fine, other times I have your problem. The fastest way for me to read a problem message is to select all with control-a, then copy with control-c, and then paste with control-v into Notepad. I use Notepad for this purpose because it opens instantaneously.


Obviously, I can’t click on any links in the email when the content is in Notepad. If I want to click a link, I go back to the message and tab until that link is spoken.


An alternative is to close the message and reopen it. sometimes JAWS then reads it just fine.


The third method is to close JAWS and reload it. This method always makes the message readable, but it doesn’t keep working for other messages afterwards.


Again, I know this isn’t ideal. Anyone having this problem should write to Vispero to get it fixed. Tom and I can’t be the only JAWS users experiencing it.


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Sent: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 12:17 AM
Subject: latest Jaws and emails reading as tables




Using latest W10 64bit and Jaws 2020,Outlook 2013 and latest Thunderbird.


I am having a problem which is driving me nuts when reading or arrowing down through a message.  Jaws will say something like 

table with 1 columns and 1 rows nesting level 3

While the table size and nesting level may change, the level of annoyance does not.


This problem has only been noticed since updating to the latest version of Jaws.


Can someone please explain how to change Jaw's behaviour when reading emails?





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