moderated Re: It's new computer time and I am looking for advice.

Chris Hill

One thing you might not have considered is that many laptops no longer have a separate key for the applications (the thing sighted people think of as the right click menu).  Some have a key combination with the fn key and right control key to do the same thing.  Most laptop keyboards are awkward for anyone with other than small hands, and key separation ranges from okay to horrible.  I really suggest buying locally if at all possible, a laptop that may be fine for one person might annoy someone else.  If you can get by without portability, get a desktop, then you can plug in a real keyboard and good speakers more easily.

On 1/6/2020 21:40, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all,

It’s new computer time, and here is what I want on the computer.

1.       A numeric key pad with decent separation between it, and the rest of the keyboard.

2.       An optical disk drive.

3.       At least an intel core 5 processor,

4.       Head phone jack, and I guess these days it’s a combo jack with microphone.

5.       Decent battery life.

6.       And anything else you might recommend. And any thoughts will be appreciated.

7.       Jim


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