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Jason White

My Lenovo P51 laptop has the numeric keys. Some of the newer models in the same series may also include them. It’s heavy and can be awkward to carry, but it performs wonderfully with JAWS or, for that matter, NVDA.


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An i5 should get you by just fine, but may I also recommend the AMD Ryzen 5 series. No longer is AMD in simply budget notebooks, and it has comporable performance to Intel with great batterylife these days.

Optical drives are hard to come by, especially in decent laptops these days, but a $10 USB optical drive should get you by just fine.

Most laptops are doing away with numpads, though I think there are a few 15-17 inch models around. It’s honestly hard to find that in the specifications – a lot of them have now switched to using the j, k, and l keys as well as those above and below as the numpad, but a lot of times not even that.

Be careful using Dolbi audio as it can reek heck with screen readers – Dell’s audio is a huge no no for me and why I’ll never own another dell laptop again. It makes speech echo, and the beginnings of words and things can cut off. Plus it can be a pain to navigate through its settings.

My Lenovo has dolbi atmos but it doesn’t appear to do anything to the screen reader apart from change the volume and maybe low frequencies just a little, but it can be disabled easily enough through sound settings in Windows.

I have the Thinkpad X1 extreme, which gets about 7.5-8 hours of battery on a good day. It is also probably a lot more computer than most including me need, but I bought it with the express purpose of keeping the machine for years to come – if you do find a 1st generation x1 extreme at a good price and can get warranty, I highly recommend it. I’ve had this since May and do not regret it a single bit. The 2nd generation is likely more expensive and not much more computer – a slight upgrade to the processor and GPU that is about 3% faster most likely. No, it does not have an optical drive, but it does have a headset jack, 2 USB A ports as well as 2 USB C ports. It has an sd card slot and the card goes in all the way and is spring loaded with about half an inch sticking out, just enough to push on with your finger but not enough to get caught on something. The build quality is stellar, and the keyboard, don’t get me started on how wonderful and amazing it is to type on. It has just enough key travel to not go clackity clack if you hit a key too hard, but the keys are still really firm and nice to press on. It has no silly touch screen or anything of that nature, so no need to worry about that. It has a 15 inch screen and weighs in just under 4 pounds. Most things are easily gotten to with just a few screws – even the battery – so nothing is glued on or slaughtered in. It has the ability to hold 2 NVME solid state drives – which are little tiny rectangles that slot into the motherboard itself and can hold anywhere from 128 gb to 1 tb of data each. It can also hold up to 32 gb of ram and has the ability to be fitted with either an i5, i7 or i9 processor. I wanted the i5, however the i7 was on special for only $50 more, so ended up with that. If I did it over again I’d honestly go with the i5 – it’s an h series processor, which means it isn’t ultra low voltage. The i7 has 6 real cores that, with hyper threading, windows sees as 12. The i5 version of this has 4 cores and 8 threads. It charges from dead in about an hour and a half despite all of this power.


I hope I didn’t go too far in explaining this, I just wanted to give a clear explanation as to what you were specifically in for if you did. Again – super solid, reliable, and speedy computer that will last for years to come since it’s so easy to service. Even the fan is easy to get to and clean. I know it has no numpad, but do remember there are alternative commands to use, though a numpad is definitely nice if you’re dealing with numbers all day.


I hope I’ve helped and don’t be afraid to contact me off list if you have any more questions.




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Hi. Well good luck. Most laptops these days, don’t come with a optical drive. You can get a blue tooth or wireless. Means having to carry around. If you can get one with a cd drive, good luck. I have an assus vivo book x 540 uar, and no optical drive. And my mom has a Lenovo idea pad 330s, and no optical drive. With the specifications, a intel I 3 5 or higher if you can get I 3 7 or I 3 8, with at least 8 to 16 gb ram, a solid state drive, try to get 500 gb or 1 tb, and maybe a second ssd. And also make sure it has dolby sound. And a good keyboard. Also good battery life. My laptop, can get up to 7 or 8 hours battery. And does not come with an extended number pad. You have to get an added on. Which makes it more having to carry around more things. And also usb 3. If possible. I got my 15 inch screen. Also some laptops, the number lock key is on the right hand bottom side or down the side of the keyboard, not on the number row or function keys. Marvin.

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