Moderated Re: Focus 40, not really needing Bluetooth for PC

JM Casey

Well, I connect mine to the desktop via USB, but it’d be nice to use blue and not have to always be at the computer, you know. I could take it anywhere in my apartment except the bedroom. Anyway, I too will be getting an adaptor at some point I suppose.


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Sent: January 6, 2020 9:16 PM
Subject: Focus 40, not really needing Bluetooth for PC
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I am not sure about having a Bluetooth adapter for connecting the Focus 40 Braille display to the PC. However, if you have its USB cable, you can connect it to the USB port on your pc. I will attach a document which might help with some things—not finding the USB Bluetooth connector, though, I’m afraid. Yet, I hope this helps with other Focus problems you might have in the future

Ashleigh S. Piccinino


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From: Juan Hernandez
Sent: Monday, January 6, 2020 5:35 PM
Subject: bluetooth adapters


Hi All,

I wanted to connect my focus 40 via Bluetooth to my desktop.  Can someone recommend a good Bluetooth usb dongle that would work?




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