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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

That should have absolutely no influence as to whether Jaws starts properly as it should if the correct settings are selected in Jaws Options > Basics > Automatically Start Jaws...

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I'm not sure if Windows 10 Home or Pro makes a difference in the installation and start-up sequence. But it would help if Richard, you could tell us if you are running Windows 10 Home Edition or Pro.

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Hi Mike!
About your #2 below, I looked at that and indeed JAWS 2019 is checked.
It is the only screen reader I have installed. About your #1 below,
when I press control+shift+escape, I do get to task manager. However,
there seems not to be any “startup” tab. Pressing control+tab does
nothing since there is only the one main window without any other tabs.
I would appreciate any other suggestions!
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2 things come to mind, read and check both to see if they're both on / checked:
Try pressing, control, shift + escape, to open the task manager.
Control + tab to the Startup tab and tab 1 time into a list of items.
Down arrow to Application file for Jaws and tab 3 times to see its
status. If it says, Enable, this means that Jaws is not turned on to
start with the computer. So, press the spacebar so Jaws reports,
Disable, to turn it on. No, I'm not talking backwards, this is the way
it works. Now Alt + F4 to close and reboot the computer to see if it works.
1. Open the control panel, navigate to the Ease of Access Center link
and press enter.
2. Tab to, Use the computer without a display Link, and press enter.
3. Now tab several times to find all of your installed screenreaders
and make sure the version of Jaws you want to run at startup is checked.

Take care. Mike. Sennt from my iBarstool.
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Subject: JAWS 2019 Does not Launch at Startup in Windows 10
I am running the latest version of JAWS 2019. Recently, I upgraded
from Windows 7 to 10. After doing so, JAWS does not launch
automatically upon startup. For now, the PC has only one user account
with no password. As such, when started the PC just logs-in and goes
straight to the desktop. I have set JAWS 1) to launch at the logon
screen (though there is none yet) and 2) always to start for the user.
Still, JAWS does not launch.
What is the solution to this?

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