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Chris Hill

Yes, you've got it right.  I assume the first version was the web version, it didn't actually seem to operate any different, it just flat out didn't work well.  I got rid of it and downloaded the 365 version from the link I had saved when I bought it.  That is what got things going again.

On 1/4/2020 16:28, paul lemm wrote:

Hi Chris,


Thanks for the reply. I use office 2019 myself, so I’m not to up to date on how office 360 works. You mentioned in your reply though that the first one windows downloaded didn’t work well, was this the web version?. You then mentioned you uninstalled that version and installed the ‘real  version’, by that do you mean the desktop version?  if so is that just a download option from the 365 web page?


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I got a new pc a while back, and while I was setting up windows it got my microsoft account and asked if I wanted to go ahead and download office.  When I did that, I got a version of office that didn't work at all well with jaws, seemed like excel was the worst.  I downloaded the real version and installed it and that solved all the problems.  You'd think they would ask you which version you wanted if they saw you were using a screen reader.





On 1/4/2020 13:29, paul lemm wrote:

Hi Everyone,


Asking on behalf of a friend, He has just brought a new PC (windows 10 home edition), he is using Jaws 2020 and office 360. When he tries to move around the spreadsheet in excel nothing is spoken, no cell values and no way of knowing whether he is actually moving around the cells in the spreadsheet. Menu navigation in Excel is working properly, jaws just doesn’t speak anything whilst  trying to move around the spreadsheet cells with the arrow keys. We’ve tried turning off Jaws and using narrator instead, using narrator we can move around the spreadsheet cells fine using the arrow keys. Does anyone on the list have any suggestions as to what the issue might be? Any solutions/suggestions would be much appreciated


Thanks in advance




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